DAN Short Term Accident Insurance

Co. Co. Dive offers you even greater peace of mind on your dive holiday. Through partnership with DAN, the trusted name in diving accident management for over 30 years, we bring you two comprehensive short term protection plans, ideal for your diving getaway in Malaysia.

Insurance exists to protect us against unpredictable expenses. While diving is a very safe sport and we have an excellent safety record here at Co. Co. Dive, doesn't it make sense to insure yourself against the unexpected while you enjoy your favorite recreational activity? 

You may have saved all year  to take this dream vacation. Don't let an unforeseen incident ruin it for you.

Coverage Details
Benefit Coverage
Diving Accident/Illness MedicalTreatment & Emergency Evacuation US $100,000
Lost Equipment* US $4,000
Extra Accommodation & Travel* US $4,000
Accidental Death & Dismemberment US $5,000
24/7 Emergency Assistance Yes
Depth Limit Unlimited
Coverage for Rebreather Yes
Coverage for Mixed Gases Yes
*Due to a Diving Accident

Frequent Questions


Q. Do I really need dive accident insurance? I have primary medical coverage
A. Your primary medical insurance may exclude scuba diving as a hazardous recreational activity and/or may not provide coverage when you are traveling out of the country. If it does provide coverage, it may pay only a minimal amount for chamber treatments. There are also often large out-of-pocket payments for deductibles and co-pays. These alone can total thousands of dollars..

Q. Who can apply for DAN’s Short Term Plans?
A. Coverage is open to divers from all countries,from novice to advanced.

Q. How long does it take to process an application?
A. Once your online form is submitted to us and payment is accepted, coverage is immediate, 24/7.

Q. Are there any restrictions for age, depth, equipment, or gas mix?
A. No

Q. How can the Short Term coverage be paid for?
A. There are two options: You can pay us via bank transfer or credit card and we will pay DAN on your behalf, or you can pay DAN directly for coverage by credit card.

Q. What will I receive to indicate that I'm covered?
A. Each applicant will be sent a confirmation email which will include the full policy description. 

Q. What do I do in the event of a diving accident or illness involving a customer?
A. Call the DAN Dive Emergency Service+61-8-8212-9242. Learn more about emergency procedures. Services not arranged or approved in advance by DAN will not be reimbursed.