You drop into the crystal clear waters over a coral reef, you drop down to 15 meters and hover gently letting the world float past, before you know it your buddy catches your attention and taps his watch, you check yours, time to ascend, but theres so much more you wish to see, you have the air left in your cylinder but not the bottom time, so what can you do? 

Maximize your time with the upgraded PADI Enriched Air Diver course. Enriched Air Diver allows you to:
• Stay underwater longer 
• Get back into the water sooner 
• Get your certification while simultaneously completing dives for other PADI courses 

Plus, by diving with Enriched Air you may feel less tired on your vacation.



 The course consists of independent academic study, video presentation and academic discussion, an exam and practical application session. The course can be completed in only a few hours.

During the academic and presentation sections of the course topics covered will include;-

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Diving with Enriched Air.
  • Equipment for Enriched Air Diving.
  • Using the RDP with Enriched Air.
  • Managing Oxygen Exposure.
  • Special Applications in Enriched Air Diving.
  • Diving Emergencies and Enriched Air.

During the practical Application session students will cover verification procedures, use of Oxygen analysis for Enriched Air Cylinders, maximum allowable variants in blends and administrative record keeping.


 When you sign up for the course and pay your deposit you will be issued with your course manual, which you use in your independent learning. You should have read the manual and completed all quizzes and knowledge reviews contained within the manual before the formal training session.

Upon arrival you will receive a safety briefing and orientation to the dive centre. This will be followed by an introduction to the course and an overview of what to expect and whats expected of you. This will be followed by a video presentation and a review of the manual and its knowledge reviews. This is followed by a discussion covering the key points of diving with Enriched Air and the checks and responsibilities involved in its use. Students then partake in a practical session learning to analyse enriched air mixes etc. Once this is completed there is a final exam.


 Participants must hold a minimum diver certification of PADI Open Water Diver, or an equivalent rating. 

Minimum age is 15 years*.